Misty Sisters Australia

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Misty Sisters Australia


Model: Erin Paull

Hair + makeup artist – Claire Randall

Photographer: Billie + Peaches

Emily Jayde is from Perth, Western Australia, she has wanted to be a designer since she could remember, but her main influence on this career path was her nan. She had been making her own clothes since she was Emily’s age and seeing that was just so inspiring to her.
These pieces are apart of her diploma range at South Metro Tafe, this range is inspired by the Scandinavian mountains demonstrating this through the asymmetrical lines and different textures.
Emily came up with the label name from my inspiration, “Misty” from the mist that surrounds the mountains and “Sisters” is in relation to my Clientele (woman’s wear).

Misty Sisters Australia_0001Misty Sisters Australia_0002Misty Sisters Australia_0003Misty Sisters Australia_0004Misty Sisters Australia_0005Misty Sisters Australia_0006Misty Sisters Australia_0007Misty Sisters Australia_0008Misty Sisters Australia_0009


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