Body World, Heineken + Amsterdam

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Body World, Heineken + Amsterdam

Our last full day in this stunning city Amsterdam. We had brought tickets to a few of the  attractions the day before so we planned on waking up early.

I have to say I had a pretty crappy sleep! The hostel that we are staying at St Christopher’s Inn has a bar on the ground floor and there is a night club about 300 meters down the road that likes to play music really loud with lots of base. Bars shut at about 3am and clubs and stay open till about 5am on the weekend. Thankfully the club near by shut at 4am. We had people coming and going all hours of the night, turning on lights, listing to music and talking really loud, so it wasn’t a great sleep. We plan on getting ear plugs today! As we walked down to reception/bar to have our free breakfast I see there is a bowl on the reception desk full of ear plugs saying “free’’ so clearly there has been enough complaints that they needed to have them there.

After breakfast we walked to the Body World Exhibition. We paid about 18 Euro ( about $26 Aussie)  We got the tickets cheaper as we agreed to visit the exhibition before 11am, same deal if you go after 4pm as well. Walking in I wasn’t to sure what to expect, there are 6 levels of all kind of crazy things about the human body. they had information from before they really knew anything about the body to today, where they are now able to rebuild a real human body that was donated to science. You are able to see things from the brain to a 4 week old foetus.


We also purchased tickets to the The Amsterdam Dungeon for about 15 Euro (about $21 Aussie) you weren’t able to take photos as its more of a guided tour with actors and stuff, it is very interactive but very informative as well. After all the screams and the ghosts jumping out at us, it was time to get food before heading to the Heineken Amsterdam Tour.


All the tours were within waking distance of each other. The Heineken tour cost about 22 Euro ($32 Aussie). I think the tour is well worth it, even if you don’t like beer its pretty interesting. A bonus if you do like beer as you get a tester and at the end they have a huge bar were you get two free beers and can chill out!

As the sun was starting to set we started to walk back to the hostel and we stopped in at the Amsterdam Cheese Company, this place was like my version of Disney Land but with cheese! I couldn’t have been happier. I went a little crazy with buying cheese, I  spent over $75 Aussie dollars…. but it was totally worth it! I ended up eating a wedge of cheese with crackers for dinner!


I pretty much ate cheese, watched Netflix and passed out. Waking up at 4am the next day and not being able to get to sleep I watched more Netflix then after about 2 hours I gave up and headed over to Starbucks to drink coffee and look at all my photos.

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