2017.10.20 - Jana Topler - 172

Here goes!

 Hi! I’m Jana Topler and I am the photographer behind Billie + Peaches. I am based in Perth, Western Australia but I do love to travel within Australia and around the globe! If you check out my cool AF blog you will see I’m a sucker for travel!

 I really started to get into photography around 2012, I decided I actually wanted to learn how to use a camera and understand what goes into a photograph so I decided to be fancy and go to tafe where I completed my diploma of photo imaging. I was still working full time at my day job and trying to build a photography business. It was hard work but it was totally worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing! I’m finally here and proud of what I have created for Billie + Peaches.

 My style of photography is pretty relaxed; I love capturing the moments throughout the shoot. I love cracking dad jokes and being totally awkward and making everyone laugh, they’re the best moments to capture. I’m not a “straight shooter”, I love random little details and the things that I guess most photographers don’t see or don’t want too. That’s the stuff I live for! Raw and natural moments…. That’s what I want to see in a photograph. Feel free to check out my blog, this is updated regularly with my latest work, my random adventures, and creations! If you like what you see and want to create something amazing or to just hang out, hit me up!