Pool Party On Film

I don't know what is but I am totally obsessed with film!  I jumped onto eBay a few months ago bought 10 disposable film cameras. You know the ones where the camera and film are built into each other. You have to take the whole thing to the camera store to get it developed? yeahhh I am in love with them bad boys! Anyway! I came up with this crazy shoot idea, a pool party, trailer trash vibe.... (Thanks, Pinterest) I knew I want to work with Louisa straight away. The next thing on my list was the clothing. Ordering a cute AF swimsuit of ASOS and some lingerie from David Jones. 

Ash on Film

A few weeks back I did a shoot with Ash and Faith Chow completing Ash's look. We hung out just my little studio in Applecross for a few hours. I have actually started to get into 35mm film! On the day of the shoot, I had one of my film cameras with me. I took few snaps, this what we came up with. (Ps this is straight out of camera!!)

I love the rawness of it all.