Cheeky Boy Espresso

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Cheeky Boy Espresso

Yummm! As soon as you walk into Cheeky Boy Espresso see all the amazing treats they have on offer when you place your order. Then the smell of delicious coffee hits you! The cafe is location Applecross on the main strip on Ardross St. Inside the cafe is an amazing hand painted piece of art on the wall with the funkiest hanging lights. Only to walk out side to a dog-friendly open area looking out to the stunning suburb, soaking up the sunshine. I loved how the inside met the outside, it flowed so nicely!

Cheeky Boy Espresso_Cheeky Boy EspressoCheeky Boy EspressoCheeky Boy EspressoCheeky Boy EspressoCheeky Boy Espresso_0010Cheeky Boy Espresso_0009Cheeky Boy Espresso


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