Clare's Portrait

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Clare's Portrait

I was so excited for this shoot but sad at the same time, excited because I was able to photograph Clare (who is amazing) but sad as it was my last session in my sweet little studio in Applecross.

It’s early December 2017 around 5pm when Clare was having the last touches added to her hair and make. A few minutes later she was in her first outfit! A few quick frames inside, I like to start simple and somewhere for the client to sit, this gives us both a chance to vibe off each other. A chance for my client to relax and to get comfortable… It also gives me a chance to gather my thoughts and run through my plan of attack again!

Then we were out the door and into the garden! We explored the Heathcote grounds before heading down to water around sunset, just before we lost all light. Such an amazing shoot & a massive thank you to everyone involved.

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