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Kate Tik

Working with Kate who is a local LA blogger, our first stop was at Milk a local ice creamery and cupcake store in West Hollywood. Kate was saying it was one of the best in LA for ice-cream.

Kate Tik June 2017_0001Kate Tik June 2017_0002Kate Tik June 2017_0003Kate Tik June 2017_0004Kate Tik June 2017_0005Kate Tik June 2017_0006Kate Tik June 2017_0007Kate Tik June 2017_0008Kate Tik June 2017_0009Kate Tik June 2017_0010Kate Tik June 2017_0011Next stop was coffee, I mean it was 6 pm but really is it really every too late for a coffee? Suck a cute little coffee shop called Coffee Commissary.

Kate Tik June 2017_0012Kate Tik June 2017_0013Kate Tik June 2017_0014Kate Tik June 2017_0015Kate Tik June 2017_0016Our last stop was right in front of this cute AF barber shop. The color of the building, the plants… It all just came together really well.Kate Tik June 2017_0017Kate Tik June 2017_0018Kate Tik June 2017_0019Kate Tik June 2017_0020Kate Tik June 2017_0021Kate Tik June 2017_0022


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