Kiann's Maternity Bath Shoot

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Kiann's Maternity Bath Shoot

With my cousin and her husband down in Perth for a few weeks waiting for the arrival of their baby girl, Kiann I did a quick little photo shoot at a friends place who has an amazing bath outside.

As a don’t normally shoot maternity I was a little nervous but I think the photos turned out great.

Flowers from Di Lazzaro & Sons flower shed

Colour water/ bath bombs from Lush Australia

Clothing from Cotton On Body

Photography – Billie + Peaches

Billie + Peaches maternity photoshootKiann's Maternity Shoot_0003Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0004Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0005Billie + Peaches maternity photoshootKiann's Maternity Shoot_0007Billie + Peaches maternity photoshootKiann's Maternity Shoot_0009Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0010Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0011Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0012Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0013Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0014Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0015Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0016Billie + Peaches maternity photoshootBillie + Peaches maternity photoshootKiann's Maternity Shoot_0019Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0020Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0021Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0022Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0023Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0024Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0025Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0026Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0027Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0028Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0029Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0030Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0031Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0032Billie + Peaches maternity photoshootKiann's Maternity Shoot_0034Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0035Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0036Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0037Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0038Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0039Kiann's Maternity Shoot_0040Billie + Peaches maternity photoshoot

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