Kiera at the Pacific Gateway Hotel

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Kiera at the Pacific Gateway Hotel

What a weekend! I got to hang out with Kiera, a local Vancouver lifestyle blogger over the weekend. Kiera was staying at the Pacific Gateway Hotel in Richmond, BC. We met up at the room which was a 1 bedroom self-contained apartment! We were shooting away in the room and then we hear a knock at the door, we received a few goodies from the hotel!

Life Of Kiera_0001Life Of Kiera_0002Life Of Kiera_0003Life Of Kiera_0004Life Of Kiera_0005Life Of Kiera_0006Life Of Kiera_0007Life Of Kiera_0008Life Of Kiera_0009

Checking out the views from the lounge room before heading down to check out the pool for a quick dip!

Life Of Kiera_0010Life Of Kiera_0011Life Of Kiera_0012

Luckily there was no one around so we had the whole pool to our selves!

Life Of Kiera_0013Life Of Kiera_0014Life Of Kiera_0015Life Of Kiera_0016Life Of Kiera_0017Life Of Kiera_0018Life Of Kiera_0019Life Of Kiera_0020Life Of Kiera_0021Life Of Kiera_0022Life Of Kiera_0023Life Of Kiera_0024Life Of Kiera_0025

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