LA views, Mustangs + Beaches

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LA views, Mustangs + Beaches

Los Angeles June 2017A solid week in LA and it’s feeling good! I have actually settled into the hostel and starting to meet some amazing people. I have met a few Aussie girls and a couple of English guys.

I really wanted to see the Griffiths Observatory, I have been to LA a few times now, but I never seem to make it up there. I asked my bunk mate if she would like to come along and asked the guys if they would like to tag along, they hadn’t been before, so we all decided to meet up there and check the views.

griffith observatory Los AngelesLA viewsView of Los Angeles in June 2017Brailey (my bunk mate) and I caught an Uber up there, and we meet the boys up there, they had hired a Mustang convertible for a few days. We walked around, check out the views and the building. It wasn’t great, the June dome and gloom was happening so we couldn’t see the city very well. So much fog. Finishing up there we all jumped into the Mustang and headed back to the hostel for free dinner and way too many drinks at the hostel. View of Los Angeles in June 2017View of Los Angeles in June 2017Los Angeles June 2017The following day my bunk mate was heading off on her next adventure in America, so it was just me and the boys, Frasier and Jake. Still having the Mustang and the boys not been out to Venice or Santa Monica we all jumped in the car and headed out there. Checking out the ocean, the skate park. We walked from Venice Beach up to Santa Monica Pier. I had forgotten it was a bit of a hike and we were all a little hungover from the night before, the sun beating down on us and it is the weekend so everywhere was pumping with people. So that part wasn’t so much fun!  Anyway, we made it without to many complaints. We check out the pier and then head back to the car then drove the 15km back to the hostel, with LA traffic it took nearly an hour to get home! But all in all, it has been a pretty chilled out few days.

Venice Beach June 2017Venice Beach June 2017Venice Beach 2017Venice Beach skate park June 2017Venice Beach skate park June 2017Venice Beach June 2017Venice Beach June 2017Santa Monica Pier June 2017Santa Monica Pier June 2017Santa Monica June 2017

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