Laura // Worlds Greatest Shave

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Laura // Worlds Greatest Shave

Today I got to photograph Laura who raised over $10,000 for the World’s Greatest Shave, our mutual friend Claire from Claire Randall Creative ask if we could do a collaboration and do something amazing for Laura who had done something so amazing ! This what we created !

2016.03.29 - Laura Anderson-2

2016.03.29 - Laura Anderson-32016.03.29 - Laura Anderson-192016.03.29 - Laura Anderson-172016.03.29 - Laura Anderson-162016.03.29 - Laura Anderson-152016.03.29 - Laura Anderson-142016.03.29 - Laura Anderson-122016.03.29 - Laura Anderson-102016.03.29 - Laura Anderson-92016.03.29 - Laura Anderson-72016.03.29 - Laura Anderson-62016.03.29 - Laura Anderson-4


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