Levi + Natahlia

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Levi + Natahlia

Back in late September, I was lucky enough to photograph Ash’s bridesmaid’s proposal at her home in Perth. This where I met Chrystal who created magic in Ash’s backyard. She is the #GirlBoss behind Carnival Creations, an amazing picnic for Ash and her bridesmaids. After this shoot, Chrystal and I started talking and she said she was in love with my work and was wanting some new images of her kids for their new home. After a few messages over IG we set a date and a location, just off Ocean Reef Rd. 

I mentioned to Chrystal that I don’t really like possy photo’s, I love “in the moment” photos. So I basically got to hang out with kids for a few hours, going for walks, climbing old builds and picking flowers. All in all, I think it turned out to be a pretty amazing shoot, plus we missed the rain that day! 

Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0001Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0002Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0003Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0004Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0005Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0006Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0007Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0008Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0009Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0010Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0011Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0012Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0013Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0014Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0015Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0016Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0018Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0017Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0019Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0020Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0022Levi + Natahlia - Perth_0021


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