Shanelle, Antlers & Roses

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Shanelle, Antlers & Roses

I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from creative online platforms such as Tumblr and Pinterest!

My close friend Shanelle said to me one day that she wanted to get a tattoo of a deer. She loves the idea of strong intense antlers stretching up a feminine arm. This idea sparked an idea and inspired me to create something where you battled with soft and harsh ideas in an image that as a whole was quite beautiful. I love the driving opposites of the roses and the antlers in the images.

 I made the skirt after watching an internet video of Sue Bryce’s. There isn’t a girl in the world who wouldn’t feel like a princess in a big bustling skirt like that!

I hope these images stir up the same joy and curiosity it gave me when shooting them!

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2104.06.10 - Shanelle Coleman-22104.06.10 - Shanelle Coleman-4 2104.06.10 - Shanelle Coleman-5 2104.06.10 - Shanelle Coleman-6 2104.06.10 - Shanelle Coleman-7 2104.06.10 - Shanelle Coleman-8 2104.06.10 - Shanelle Coleman-9 2104.06.10 - Shanelle Coleman-10 2104.06.10 - Shanelle Coleman-11 2104.06.10 - Shanelle Coleman-12 2104.06.10 - Shanelle Coleman Antlers & Roses

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