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VNCVR Clothing

While still back in Australia I contacted the guys at VNCVR Clothing who are a local clothing business based in Vancouver. I asked if they would be interested in a collaboration, as I liked their style of clothing, and I thought we could work well together. Once I arrived in Van I contacted them via Instagram and we set a date. Derek had a few models lined up and he already knew where he wanted to shoot so that made things much easier!

I headed down to English Bay, where I met Derek, Stuart and the 3 models, we got straight to work! This what we came up with!

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Photographer » Billie + Peaches

Fashion » VNCVR Clothing 

Male Model » Mark Spencer

Female Model » Halley Madison

Female Model » Jessica Hicks 

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I will be traveling all over the USA, Canada & England this year, so if you would like to work together or perhaps create an awesome collaboration get in contact with us!

2016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-1752016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-292016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-462016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-1932016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-642016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-1622016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-345-Edit2016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-3832016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-4572016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-4232016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-6752016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-6912016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-6272016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-7812016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-4942016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-5802016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-5362016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-7992016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-8742016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-8972016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-9002016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-9022016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-9302016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-9742016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-10472016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-10862016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-13402016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-11792016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-12002016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-12302016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-10992016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-13222016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-13262016.06.28 - VNCVR Clothing-1352

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